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Commercial Window Cleaning

At NDC, we are here to relieve you from the strain and hassle of cleaning your property windows; whether it is an apartment, office or even a large commercial unit as our professional tools allow us to reach up to 30ft. We offer a regular or one-off service which we will situate around your schedule on your terms.

We use both a pole reach system and hand polish leaving windows streak free and crystal clear. We can cater our cleaning solutions for all old or new buildings - using modern techniques or even tailoring the solution for old fashioned windows. We always use purified water which is then filtered further within our vehicles to ensure the water is as clean as possible and therefore turning your windows spotless. Not only this but we will also clean your window frames to guarantee the appearance of the whole building is immaculate.

To put your mind at rest we will conduct a full health and safety check before and after we have completed our service. Although we use specialist tools to protect the glass and we always take extreme care, we are fully insured for any damage for your peace of mind. So give your home or office that extra sparkling touch by giving us a call on 0800 049 5965 or email us here

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