Carpet Cleaning in Crowborough

If your carpets look tatty and tired, consider a deep carpet clean from NDC Cleaning to restore it back to it's original state. Contact us today for your quote!

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Carpet Cleaning Services Crowborough

If your commercial property or business has dirty carpets, you may be giving off the wrong impression to potential clients or even exposing yourself to harmful bacteria which can live in your carpet. Vacuuming is often not powerful enough to extract all of the bacteria, harmful mites and grease which could be lurking deep within your carpet. We use the latest technology and tools to provide an effective clean every time. We use a hot water extraction method which leaves your carpets looking refreshed and restored. We also offer rug cleaning if this is a service you require.

Before we clean, we always move all of the furniture in the room so that we manage to clean every last spot. Of course, we return all furniture back to its original position once the carpet has been fully cleaned. We work on a flexible basis so that there is no disruption to you and does not cause downtime for your business. We can carry out the clean at a time to suit you - whether it is within or out of your office hours.

Our professional carpet cleaners are fully trained and insured for your peace of mind. They prioritise providing professional service which suits your requirements perfectly.


We have been providing Crowborough and the surrounding areas with an excellent cleaning service for over 80 years! Here is what one client had to say about their experience working with us:

“A very professional service that never fails to complete the required work to an optimum standard. I have, and will continue, to recommend this company.”

Mrs. Barnett, Hastings

We are a professional cleaning company who can help with all of your cleaning needs. To read more of our reviews, just click here.

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